Hey! Lots of  UPDATES  In ToonsTunes! Awesome right ? So heres a few.

ToonsTunes News Journal Box!  
Whats inside? – It’s updated alot! 
News! And you know that Evil Tooner? Well take a look at this! 
When you spot him click RETURN IT!

Well bye fr now! PEACE ūüėÄ

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Hey Tooners!

When you login today, you should receive a message from the TT team briefly explaining what Achievements are and how to complete them. Take a look at the picture:

What are achievements?
Achievements are like quests you can do one time. You could get items, dymonz, koynz, or experience for doing them. Some examples of achievements are getting certain scores in games or earning many encores on a song.

How do I know what to do?
It’s easy! Mostly everything you do in ToonsTunes will have an achievement.¬† An achievement window has a star in the top left. Hint: Today we added awesome item achievements to a game that has a platty in it.
Soon you will have a list of all the achievements you have done.

I personally love these achievements! They give you something to work for and then reward you with pretty cool items/exp. Achievements aren’t hard to get at all, to be honest. You just need to know what to do, then it will be pretty easy! Completing achievements is also a great way of leveling up faster or earning dymonz, depending on the reward.

Here are some examples of the different kinds of achievements:

The 5 and 11 shirts can be received by, obviously, reaching level 5 and 11. If you are already past these levels, don’t worry! All you need to do is either play a game, get some encores on your songs or mix some music and you will soon receive both of these shirts. They look pretty cool to me, but also a bit dull. Apparently the 11 shirt is supposed to glow, but right now it doesn’t. It’d be cool if they added that as a feature!

When you complete another achievement in Platman, you receive an awesome platty shirt! When you reach 14,000 points, you will be awarded with this shirt.

Remember, those are not the only achievements! I’m sure there are plenty more out there for you to complete, so get starting and have fun.

Thanks for reading,

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July Updates

Hey Guys , Tardis and _Swan_ here!

So as you might know, TT just recently released MEMBERSHIP and a few other new features. You can briefly read about them all in the Blogger Newsletter:

Next up we have some more detailed pictures of the updates.

First off, they made a few changes to the Playercards. They have added a ranking and leveling system and a new virtual currency – dymonz! With dymonz you can buy special items for your avatar and your pod. They are all displayed on your playercard, which can be accessed by clicking on yourself or on the “My Alien” button. I am unsure, but it seems that the highest level so far is 45.

They have also added a new section for your Pod. You are now able to buy different sizes and kinds of pods and then, through this new section, choose which one you want to use as your pod.

The Mix-o-Matic has been updated. Members are now able to write custom lyrics for their songs and record their voices to add a little more customization and to make their songs more unique.



The team added a new catalog for members only in which you can buy special items for dymonz + koynz only. To access the catalog, which can be found in the Treehouse, click on the black hole on the wall. Right now there are only 3 items (Sparkle Shirt, Epic Guitar and Lightning Shoes) in the catalog, but I’m pretty sure there will be more. These items are limited though, so get your hands on them before they’re gone!

As I mentioned earlier, there are now different kinds of pods for sale! You have the default one, a two-story pod and a big cabin. They all come in three different sizes – small, medium and large. Click on the dude outside Pod Mods (Red Club Deck) to take a look at the pods. The prices vary, depending on the size and kind of Pod.

And last but not least, new speakers can be found at the Pod Mods shop! Just click on any speaker to open up the catalog. Speakers can only be bought with both koynz and dymonz.

That should be it! If there’s anything we missed, let us know by leaving a comment.

~Tardis and _Swan_

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Haloween is over!

Hey guys , since haloween¬†is over the ToonsTunes¬†team has removed all the haloween¬†decorations and items.So we are now back to the same old ToonsTunes.You know what they say “Its good to¬†be home” xD. Thats it for now see ya!


UPDATE: The Haloween masks are still available at the shades catalog in the shop!

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Hey guys!


Hello guys,

 I am Alakazam I am a new author on http://www.toonstunesgang.com I am looking forward to posting on this blog I will be posting very frequently almost every day , here are some things about me.

1.I love ToonsTunes

2.Sushi is my favorite food

3.I like to design graphics

but those are some things there are much more ūüôā , so¬†that’s it for now see ya!


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Update: First Ever Video Contest!

Hey Toons!

It is time for our first ever Video Contest! Since, a lot of you are not quite¬†similar¬†with creating Music Video’s I have decided to change the Contest. You job is to now create a Video with the theme: ToonsTunes attends Music Camp!

Lets see some of your best moves! Try not to rush and do your best.

Prizes will be awarded for the top three videos!

You have one week to upload and comment your videos(October 3rd).

Remember do your best and, I will see you in one week!


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ToonsTunes Sneak Peeks!

NOTE: The ToonsTunesGang is the only blog that has this information so please do not use it without consent from us.

Big updates are coming soon to ToonsTunes! I know it has been slow lately but what the ToonsTunes team is currently working on is worth the wait!

1)¬†¬† A new game is coming, called “Bass Ball Challenge” — attached is the title page.¬† I don’t have start date yet. Here is a picture of the game:

2)¬† Premium Memberships are coming soon.¬† We don’t have a start date yet, but most likely in September.¬† Here are a few of the membership benefits:

  • Deluxe Premium Pod selection
  • Premium member only items — clothing, pod items, and special instruments
  • more music loop options — including vocal loops
  • Front of the line benefits — will be able to attend any full event, and will be able to enter into full servers
  • Premium members can join 10 bands — free members can only join 5 bands
  • Premium members can add 15 users to a band — free members wll only be able to add 5
  • Registration bonus koynz — 10,000


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Another ToonsTunes Sneak Peek!

Many of you may have seen the previous post with a sneak peek of the ToonsTunes Summer Concert tomorrow…Well we have yet another sneak peek of the concert! Here is a poster that is going to be sold tomorrow at the concert!

Remember the Concert details are:

Day: August 28th

Time: 3pm Pacific (6pm Est.)

Server/Place: Milky Way server and at Platy Park

Also don’t forget to bring alot of Koinz so you can buy all of these items!


Questions for you:

1.) What do you think of these sneak peeks?

2.) Have you been sharing your songs on ToonsTunes lately? (You should!)

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ToonsTunes Summer Concert Sneak Peek!

Hey everyone!

Don’t forget that the ToonsTunes Summer Concert is tomorrow! The ToonsTunesGang has received an exclusive sneak peek of the concert from the ToonsTunes staff! Make sure to have tons of coins because as you can see there will be exclusive items for sale on ToonsTunes just for the concert!

Remember the Concert details are:

Day: August 28th

Time: 3pm Pacific (6pm Est.)

Server/Place: Milky Way server and at Platy Park


Questions for you:

1.) Are you going to be at the concert?

2.) Have you told your friends about the concert yet? (If you haven’t be sure to do it now!)

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New Items!

Hey guys!

As promised, the ToonsTunes staff have released a few new items for you to dress up your avatar with or to decorate your Pod! Some of them are pretty expensive so if you don’t have enough koynz, I suggest you play Platman or Pinball ^_^. I have added all the new items into one picture with its price, take a look:

If you are unavailable to see the graphic for some reason:
Pink Mohawk – 1,200 koynz
Nose Glasses – 1,100 koynz
Red Glasses – 750 koynz
Black Glasses – 750 koynz
Pink Glasses – 750 Koynz
Dance Floor (Small/Medium/Large) – 4,000/8,000/16,000 koynz

These new items are awesome, don’t you think? I have to say the Pink Mohawk is my “favorite” ūüėõ


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